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Quick & Tasty Party Food
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Healthy, Quick & Tasty Party Food

Party Treats for the Big Game

Bean Dip Football

To make the dip as shown, mold vegetarian bean dip into the shape of a football and add onion or yellow pepper laces.


For more tasty treats, check out Last Minute Appetizer Ideas.


Are you looking for easy treats for a party or the big game?  Here are some hearty and delicious ideas!


Who doesn't love pizza? Enjoy it without excess fat and calories by making it at home with healthier ingredients. 
You can purchase reduced fat, whole grain or gluten-free crusts, so healthy homemade pizza can take less time than ordering in.  (You might want to make your own
gluten-free pizza crust if you have a little extra time.)

Buy reduced fat/low-sodium cheese and low-fat/low-sodium sausage, ham, or pepperoni. 
You can even make your own "sausage" with low-fat ground beef and your favorite spices like black pepper, onion flakes and rosemary or substitute steel-cut oats or quinoa for the beef for a vegetarian version.  

Load up on the healthy ingredients like tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pineapple, spinach, etc. Use your imagination to create a variety of pizzas so tasty that no one will miss the fat and calories! The possibilities are endless!


Chili is a party favorite whether you are watching the big game or having a game night at home.  Fortunately, it can also be very healthy since tomato products (esp. canned) are full of lycopene as well as Vitamins A, C and K, and beans have plenty of fiber, protein and minerals.  If you add beef, cheese or sour cream, be sure to use the lower fat and lower sodium versions.  There are countless ways to make chili. 
Here is a super quick vegetarian version.

Chips and Salsa or Bean Dip

Salsa and bean dips can be very healthy if you choose wisely.  Look for low-sodium and low-fat versions of both.  Make sure you don't accidentally get refried beans made with lard! 

In addition to low-fat, low-sodium chips, healthy dippers can include baby carrots, celery sticks and bell pepper or cucumber strips.   You can make your own healthy white bean dip using the instructions 
Black bean, pinto bean and other dips can be made in a similar way, but soaking overnight is recommended for those and other types of beans.  (Soaking Great Northern Beans overnight is optional.) Since other beans don't soften as easily as Great Northern Beans, you'll want to put them in the food processor once they are fully cooked as well.  

We definitely prefer the taste of beans made fresh in a crockpot over canned (think canned potatoes vs. fresh), but if you are short on time, you can substitute drained and rinsed canned beans of your choice.  Simply put them in the food processor with your favorite spices like chipotle powder and cumin.  Add some minced garlic and finely diced onion and peppers for flavor and color.

Hot Wing Inspired Dip

Mix one cup of Greek yogurt and one tablespoon low fat ranch dressing with your favorite hot sauce to desired spiciness. Add one cup shredded cooked chicken and mix well.  Serve with celery sticks.
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